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Golden Shield Qi Gong is a powerful and dynamic system developed over 500 years ago by martial artists/nuns questing higher levels of health. Designed to initiate rapid yet stable growth, Golden Shield profoundly enhances the resilience to stress, self-confidence, and overall health of it's practitioners.

The human biological system has an immense ability to adapt to stress; Golden Shield Qi Gong strategically uses this ability to initiate rapid growth of our energy production (digestion/cell mitochondria), transport (vascular/meridian), and communication (hormonal/nervous) systems

Golden Shield Qi Gong is currently taught through Jin Gui Qi Gong in over ten different cities throughout the US.

There are currently two locations in Northern California (Santa Cruz and San Rafael/Corte Madera) stewarded by Darren Huckle  L.Ac., MTCM, Herbalist. 

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How we feel when we train in Golden Shield Qi Gong

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