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The tradition of Jin Gui Golden Shield Qi Gong originated 500 years in the temples on Emei mountain in Western China. Traditionally, the training was passed down from the Master to only a few students. In this generation it was passed down from Master Yang Jin  Gui in China. He was the head of martial arts training in the Sino-Japaneese war, and is remembered as the “jewel” of China. 

Master Yang taught Tai Qi and Qi Gong, informally, to thousands of students in the parks of China. When he turned 50 he began accepting formal students. He taught 19 students in all. His 19th student is Dr. Don Zhang DAOM, PhD.  Before Dr. Zhang  came to the United States from China, Master Yang transmitted all the teachings of this tradition and gave him his blessing to teach it to anyone wishing to learn.

Dr. Zhang brought out and developed this knowledge not as a martial art but as a system for health and longevity.  This system has been taught to the general public in the United States since 1995 and, more recently, in Canada.  

Darren Huckle L.Ac., MTCM   has trained in this Qi Gong system since 1999.  Darren has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, trained in both Chinese and Western Herbalism. Darren currently teaches in Santa Cruz, and Corte Madera/Marin. Darren has dedicated the last twelve years of his life to learning and practicing holistic health modalities. In class Darren shares his knowledge of Chinese Medicine, nutrition, herbalism, and energy management for the benefit of the students. Darren has a private practice in Santa Cruz, and teaches classes on Herbal Medicine throughout the greater Bay Area.